[ HELP ] logic for packaging bag game puzzle

hello friends, i want to ask something. It would be nice if you read this.
I want to create a bag arraging game. Like, we have item, and we drag that item to the bag to fit it. At first I thought I can use “Snap to Grid” Extension to make this gameplay come true. But at this point, I realize the items of my game have many shapes, and some will take two or four rectangles, so it can’t fit in just one grid. If anyone know how to make a game logic for this kind of gameplay I show on the images, please tell me how to.

You can still snap to grid with objects that cover multiple squares. Just make sure the origin is at the top left. Use the collision condition to make sure it isn’t dropped onto an existing object. You could even change the colour of the dragged object if it’s in collision with another object, to indicate that it’s over another item.