(Help needed) I want help to release my game on steam

So I honestly need your help with this as I almost have no knowledge about it…
I have decided that I want to release my game “Miko Adventures Puffball” on steam but I have no idea how … My goal is to release a page first to get people to Wishlist the game (I should’ve done that earlier now that I think about it) then release it afterwards. Now I know there is that 100$ fee thing and I got that ready… But I have no idea where to start, I looked online and I saw steam API and SDK and some letters and words and stuff, I don’t know any of that or what it means.
What I want is very simple … I just want to get the game that I export from Gdevelop engine whether it’s on Linux, mac or windows and just put it on the page when it’s released and that’s it. I saw other games released on steam with Gd so it’s 100% possible, the only question is how?
I can’t find any documentation about this or basically anyone who is talking about releasing your game on steam with GD or something (if there is any … please let me know).
If someone would like to help me with this or like to walk me through this process, I would be very happy to have your help, you can even DM me, or if you want to talk to me through e-mail or on discord … whatever you’d like.
I really need help with this one so I can start making this a reality.

First of all, you need to enter in a partnership with steam. You can do this via their steamworks page: Steamworks.

Then you have to use download SteamWorks SDK and use a program in it to upload the files. I don’t exactly know how that works as I don’t have the 100$, but there exists an official tutorial: Steamworks Tutorial #1 - Building Your Content in Steampipe - YouTube, And there is the official documentation: Uploading to Steam (Steamworks Documentation).

For windows, you will want to build to a zip from GDevelop and upload the extracted folder, not the zip itself or the installer.

If you want to add achievements, I have made a guide (it is a very outdated and not very good but should be an OK starting point?): Steam API Guide