Here it is... my first game attempt

Lunar Chaos (titles are not my strong suit)

I think it’s only set up for PC use at the moment. Please let me know what you think. I have thick skin, so I can take criticism. But I do hope you like it:

Lunar Chaos


Hi, JDean, I’m not really your target audience for this type of game and don’t have a history in this genre, but anyway, here’s my feedback.

I like the title, Lunar Chaos is great.

I played on a laptop.

The text is small, the two lines of instructions (I assume) had a red background and I couldn’t read them at all. The score and fuel text also could be bigger. I didn’t know what the flashing pink thing was for.

My spaceship disappeared and I never knew where it went so I refreshed the page. Then at some point, some scrolling yellow text came on the screen saying the background story. I think the scrolling was a bit too fast to read and take in.

I found the space ship hard to control, but maybe that’s part of the genre? I think my shuttle score was increasing when I hit a rock/meteor and the rescue score was increasing when I hit a white bird thing and then I think my rescue count reset to zero when I went back to the base. I tried to hit some more birds after that to see if my rescue score would go up again but the game ended.

While I was typing this, I left the game running and a screen came on with all the pictures and their meanings but it was a bit too fast again. But I did see that the white birds are actually astronauts, haha.

The help info - controls, back story, picture id etc could be separate info boxes, and we click ‘next’ once we finished reading each one or skip to game. Or all in a scrolling info box.

Hope your thick skin has withstood all this, haha, good luck and what a great achievement to finish a game.

It’s a neat little first up game and quite playable.

My only problem with it is that I’m expecting left and right to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, down to brake and only up to thrust (like asteroids?). But they thrust left, right and down. And I ended up smashing into the ground on a regular basis.

Nope, that’s exactly what I wanted: honest feedback. I’ve learned as a writer that you need to listen when people point things out about your stories, and video game designing is the same way.

When I played it myself on my own computer, I had my ship disappear as well. Not sure why that happened; it shouldn’t be doing that, and outside of one time it never did it again. I’ll have to look and see if there’s a glitch I’m missing.

Thank you for the comments about the text and the timing of the attract screens. I will definitely make some changes to that.

I initially tried the left/right rotation, but for some reason it wouldn’t work when I coded it in. I was trying to go for the zero-gravity feel to add to the challenge of the game.

Sorry you smashed into the ground :grin:.