Here's my new game, Tranquil Bloom

For my first game, I originally set out to make a relaxing, casual game, but it eventually evolved into Contagion Z, a zombie/horror game. So, for my second game, I went back and created what I originally wanted to make, a calm, relaxing game. That game is Tranquil Bloom.

If you’ve seen Contagion Z, the new game will look familiar. I basically de-zombified Contagion Z and tried to make a serene version that’s meant to relax the player rather than stress them out. I’ve changed the colors of the interface, the music, the sounds, and more. The main similarity now is the core mechanic, that being the rotating nodes. But I also changed their rotation tween type and the color they change to when they collide (and no explosions this time).

Contagion Z is aimed toward younger people and zombie fans, whereas Tranquil Bloom is targeted to non-horror fans and older generations who just want something pleasant to pass the time. I’m 50 and a major zombie fan, and I’m actually enjoying playing the new game more than I enjoy playing Contagion Z.

Here it is if you’d like to check it out. I’m currently in the testing/debugging phase, but it’s looking like it’s done.


I can’t describe how satisfying this game is to watch!

Nice work. :slight_smile:

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I’ve set up 50 quotes that are either Zen quotes or just positive quotes about life, and each time the player loads the game, it will randomly pick one of the quotes to disply on the title screen.

Here’s the latest version. I’ve updated the fonts, added the Zen quotes, and a few more minor changes. I’m just testing for bugs and polishing now.

Tranquil Bloom is finished and now live on! If you play it, please let me know what you think. And be sure to check the menu for Challenge Mode and color options.

Hi Nicronon, it’s beautiful. Having a choice of colours is great and I really like that the nodes flip much slower than in the zombie game so I can watch them. I realise now my suggestion before to have the score as a percentage didn’t make sense because the nodes can flip more than once. I really like the multi colour option too.

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I love this! this would do VERY well as a mobile game. Maybe put an add on startup and put it on google play!

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I have an Android version on, and I plan to upload it to the Amazon app store as well. I’ll never get on Google Play because I can’t find 20 people to beta test. I can’t find any, really. It’s pretty much destroyed my hopes of becoming an indie dev. It was over before it even started.

I didn’t know that Google play required playtesters. Bummer.

The started requiring them in November of last year, and only for dev accounts created after that. If I had made my dev account a month earlier, I wouldn’t have to have them.