Heroes of pixels (couch local pvp game)

HEROES OF PIXELS launched pre-beta in ITCH, time to make a friends party couch to kill each other in the arena!

A combat arena for friends kill each other in local couch.
You can play 1v1, 1v2, 2v2 even 1v4 and 1v1v1v1, just everyone select his teams!


  • Up to 4 teams and 4 players in what team wants;
  • 1 Arena;
  • 1 Mode SURVIVAL: the last team alive wins;
  • 4 Playable heroes (planned at least 12).

DOWNLOAD NOW!!! Link: Heroes of Pixels by alexandrevianadev


I didn’t test it as I’m on my phone right now, but please send the exe file directly, not in a rar archive. And why do you only publish the windows version? Do you use Windows APIs?

To be honest I am noob on this, so I uploaded in rar because the single file .exe what was compiled from GDevelop using Electron aren’t working, I saw some posts of people saying to not use the single .exe file because of this and others bugs.

The electron compile provides only windows api right? anyway I put as a linux and macos game too in ITCH.

Thanks for asking!

…What? Of course it works on Linux and Mac, why would you be able to export to them if it doesn’t work?
And they didn’t tell you to pack your installer in a RAR file (why even a RAR, seriously) with the installer. What you were meant to do is inside GDevelop click on export as zip for windows and upload the zip file.

Where is this option? I used the Windows/MacOS/Linux (manual) and compiled using Yarn and Electron.

I was talking about online build but whatever. If you followed this tutorial:
I don’t know how you even got to a single exe file. You were meant to get all the loose files and make them in a ZIP file not a RAR before uploading it.

What is the problem with rar?


I compiled again and send this single exe file named HEROES OF PIXELS setup 0.0.1 and worked on my friends computer, but here the installation does not work.

EDIT: now worked on my PC, idk why wasn’t working when I compiled and put in ITCH.

This is the files what results in compiled, a setup and a win-upacked version.

Yes, zip the contents of win unpacked. And RAR is bad because it’s not better than zip but proprietary.

even if is win-unpacked will works in Linux and MacOS?

really thanks for all helping!

anyway, thanks for all tips and explanations!! :smiley:

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HEROES OF PIXELS got updated! Version 0.0.2.

New character selection menus and some bug fixes.


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I forget to post here, new big arena update making the arena be more realistic and fun!

[0.0.3] CHANGELOG:


  • New sprites for walls inside arena, including a gate and some lost/old objects lefted by other heroes.
  • Better ‘3D ingame’, now players can pass more near to walls and hide a little, what makes the area for walk/shoot bigger and more realistic.
  • Shadows in arena affecting players.


  • Shadows of heroes now have transparency to match to shadows in real life.
  • Projectiles (Arrow, Explosive Arrow and Fireball) now have range.
  • Bear Trap now have a duration for each trap independentky.
  • ROGUE stealth now makes him be transparent instead of only shadows, what makes more easily aim at cost of beign more easily spotted.


  • Now overhead HUD (HP bars, Energy bars and Charges), AIM and Floating Damage Numbers moved to layer HUD to always be rendered up than everything else.


  • Players spawn is based in numbers of teams now, if has 2 teams one team will spawn in the left-middle and the other in right-middle. If has 3 or more teams each player will spawn in his respective corner.


  • Fixed some bugs with wall collision boxes.
  • Fixed the Divine Hammers not consuming charges when missing any enemy.
  • ROGUE sprint no longer have a loop sound effect, now only plays once.


BUG FIXES: - HUNTER shot arrow colliding well with ROGUE.

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  • I found the UI too small.
    There are some icons in game on top right, i don’t know very well what is it there are tiny.

  • Menu are almost good, you should display which touch press for continue or back.
    You show ‘Press COMFRIM’ but with it show the button for confirm :wink:

There is something very important if you want people play, make your game easy to use.
See for overcooked for example the interface show you the button to use. I know where i can click and go. In your menu i don’t know where i’am and how do something.

(Yes you can see the options and )

  • Moving, dash, hit, and shadow are cool.

-Not sure but when the ennemy die the sprite the z-order change and come before the other player.
And if the player move, the z-order is recalculated.

  • Weapons pass above the wall all around the screen.

Can you avoid to user to make a choice about control ?
See again overcooked for example. Simple menu, simple control. Fun game because easy to use.

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Hey arthuro555, some people said the game aren’t running in Linux and MacOS, so maybe is a cool thing update the tutorial about building using Electron saying that dont will work on Linux and MacOS.

Idk if I need compile on this OS, but at least here, building on Windows and using Electron makes the game not work in Linux and MacOS.

Thanks for your big feedback.

Yes, I have plans to make the skill icons bigger, to people have a track about cooldowns times.

About menu, yes, I need put this, next update what I am working on is about new menus, so I will put what is the select and back buttons.

I am glad you like moving, dash hit and shadow :smiley:

When player die I just rotate the sprite, change his color using codes and delete HUD and weapons. The Z-index changes based in center of sprite in Y coord. Once the center of one character become bigger than the other in Y coord so he become higher Z-index.

What you mean about avoid user to make a choice? You mean put the game only for joysticks?

The weapon part, if I undestand well, is working fine, the weapon only will be hidden if the player is part hiding on walls. If you mean attacking through the walls this is a thing I need fix.

Thanks a lot for everything, very helpful feedback, I will keep a eye on overcooked and other games.

Until I research a bit Tell them to use wine, and if they say “I have Catalina” tell them too bad that’s what happens when you upgrade Mac os without thinking

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Try running electron-builder with -mwl

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Cant compile for MacOS.
Get this error: Build for macOS is supported only on macOS, please see Multi Platform Build - electron-builder
What makes sense when you read the link above.
I will try to build Linux when I have more time.

[0.0.4] Huge menu update, some heroes balancing.


  • New layout and animations.
  • Animations now are working both keyboard/joystick and mouse.
  • Resolutions menu now working with Fullscreen/Windowed mode toggle, and some 16:9 resolutions like: 1920x1080, 3840x2160, 1600x900, 1366x768 and 1280x720.
  • Now you can see what controls use for navegate in each menu.
  • Changed the “Tutorial” to “How to Play”.
  • Updated image of “How to Play”


  • Now when choosen “1 keyboard + 3 gamepads” or “4 gamepads” schemes you still can interact with menus using keyboard arrows, enter and esc.


  • Round timer before starting put more in the center of arena layout.
    Bug Fix:
  • Round timer before starting the round now not count when the game is paused.
  • Mouse not working when clicking in Options when in Pause menu.
  • Unpausing after going out options in Pause Menu in game.
  • Remade walls to be more larger.


  • Now the skill icons are bigger (2x than the previous size)


  • Fixed a bug when the heroes dead sprite not updated the z-order, making some wierd rendering orders.


  • Strike and Divine Hammers base damage from 7 to 6, when in Ultimate effect the base damage down from 9 to 8.
  • Strike energy gain from 10 to 7.
  • Divine Hammers no longer stun, now he heals the Paladin based in charges consumed, heal 2 points for each charge.
  • All skill icons updated.


  • Bear trap received a updated and now have a small shadow.
  • All skill icons updated.


  • Stealth and Sprint become one skill named Stealth.
  • New skill: Throw Dagger (Deals 6 damage. Ranged. Energy generated: 7. Cooldown: 4s. Can apply Poison and Stun exactly like Stab)
  • Update the Rogue skills information to match the new updates.
  • Poison now makes sprites of weapons and shields green too.
  • All skill icons updated.


  • Freeze now makes sprites of weapons and shields blue too.
  • New Teleport animation.
  • New Frost Nova animation.
  • All skill icons updated.

Choose keyboard and controller , or only keyboard for two, etc

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