Hey complete noob alert!

hey guys complete Noob here :exclamation: I have not got a clue how to work g develop. But i have a idea :nerd: I am hoping to start off with trying to make a endless runner game which gets faster as you get more in to the game. also would like to add a high score board once i have learnt how to make the game. many thanks :sunglasses:

Hi there! I’m also a newbie, but I’ve managed to make my first simple game (asteroids-clone but with zombies). I highly recommend doing the plattform and tank game tutorials found in the “new project menu” and on the website. It’s a great way to get started.

Also break your game idea into smaller pieces: first make a game with a character that you can control, than make a game with backgrounds etc. Gets you going faster.

Hope that helps!

Welcome to the forum Beechy1991 :slight_smile: