Hey DJ (Mix Songs In a Music Loop Player)

"Hey DJ" is a Music Loop Player, where you are able to mix a song the way you want it mixed! Now with THREE TRACKS and a new & fresh UI! The “game” (read: Music Production Software) is fully playable, and I’m really happy with the NEW Drum N Bass Track and its small but fancy interactive twists!


You can play “Hey DJ” in your browser @ Itchio or Liluo


Why does my party suck?
From now on, you will never ask yourself that question again!

Whenever you start spinning music loops from the “Hey DJ” software, your guests will go nuts. 100% guaranteed, or full refund!

PS. It’s free. And this is an early prototype with a simple UI and THREE TRACKS. Now go and make those tracks yours!

Use 1-8 keys on your keyboard to toggle loops on or off. You can also use the mouse, or touch on mobile devices!

For mobile devices, make sure you have it in LANDSCAPE MODE or everything will go to hell !

If you connect your speakers/headphones through Bluetooth, a sailor dies. Or at least, you will get some delay and latency on the audio. Which is just as bad.

Due to all loops being in WAV format, it might take some time to download the files the first time you play.

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Hi SPAW, great job, it works really well.

Have you considered having individual volume sliders on each sound button? I think it would give the user the feeling of creating something rather than choosing something. And you could also have it so that they could save their different created sounds to their own sound palette.