Hey hey, what's good?

Massive gamer and film nerd who just started using GDevelop. Been messing around with game dev tools for a number of years now, but not really got much to show as yet. I’d like to focus on being more discipline so I can actually finish a project and get something released. Hopefully I’ll have something to show soon enough, but for now, hi!


Hello, sixsik6! Welcome! :wave: :smiling_face:

I think when you’re working in a project that you really enjoy, it makes the discipline really fun! I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long if I wasn’t making a game that I’m really very interested in.

Already have some ideas of what you want to work on with Gdevelop? :eyes:


Hey thanks!
I have a few ideas, but to start with I’m just going to follow some tutorials and “break” things a little, then I’ll probably make a few toys just to get more familiar before moving on to some small projects. Nothing too big to start with!