Heya everyone! :3

hi! i’ve been using Gdevlop 5 for quite a long time (and making games for even longer), so it’s nice to return back to the forums.

so, im ocfrom, but you can call me oc for short. i make a lot of content (art, music, comics, websites, etc) and making games is one of them. i started with scratch when i was younger and developed a taste for programming. i later started switching game engines, with my final switch being Gdevlop. The community is wonderful and i dunno why it took me so long to join it. i really like making cute games/comics based on character interaction and music, so i hope you’ll enjoy my creations i’ll post!


Welcome back to the fórum! :partying_face:

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thanks, it’s sure been a while!

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i am Aramis Thandeka, how are you?.