Hi All

I just found out about this engine after looking for alternatives to Construct Classic. I’ve been using the latter for a couple of years now, and I have been limited by it for the past several months due to its problem of becoming more and more unstable (huge memory leaks, video RAM issues, crashing after saving, etc) as a game developed on it becomes larger. Fortunately, the game is now done and just needs some tweaking.

For my next game, I am considering GDevelop as a development tool, but before I do, I would like to know: is the engine prone to the problems that I mentioned above, or can it handle bigger games?

Thanks, and I hope that this board becomes my new go-to dev community!


To my knowledge, there are no memory leaks nor crashes. What do you consider being a video RAM problem by the way ?

That’s good to know. Hopefully, I don’t encounter it later on with the engine.

On Construct Classic, if you have more than 20 objects in your game (all on screen or not), and if your sprites are larger than 128x128 px, after working on your game for an hour or two, you’ll start to get graphical glitches, and half of the program’s functionality is lost until it is restarted - this is happening on a computer with a dedicated graphics card that has 2GB VRAM.

GDevelop only load the texture of the objects currently on the scene (even if outside of the displayed scene). But it will unload them when closed. So, the VRAM consumption will not increase magically.


Some people have seen some stutter when GDevelop loads ~50 textures bigger than 1000*1000px at the same time (when an object is spawned on the scene). But having so big textures shouldn’t happen so often I think.

GDevelop should be more than adequate for my needs, if that is the case. Thanks for the heads up!