Hi from Australia

Hi everybody, I’m loving being here and benefitting from all the helpful advice. I found GDevelop by chance when I was looking for some kind of visual editor.

I used to use the original Construct more than 10 years ago and Gamemaker before that. Then I had a long break from it all. I then tried Godot some time back and decided the node system was not for me. Then I played with App Inventor for a couple of years but it’s too hard to manage projects once they get even a tiny bit bigger. I was studying programming concepts with a Python book but really wanted to just get started creating which lead me to finding GDevelop.

I looked at a lot of lists of game engines and luckily found a good one. So I had a look at about 10 recommendations and when I saw the event screenshot on the GDevelop home page I thought I’m home. It was actually hard to find out what format the other engines used. Over the years, I’ve often searched for something like GD but this is the first time I’ve seen any mention of it.

So anyway, I’m very glad I’m here now, have fun everyone.


Hello @Bubble,
welcome to this community. What kind of project are you working ?

Hi Jumpingj, I’m doing something similar to a sim in a house with a character doing normal everyday activities and chores. But it’s not actually a sim; when I get everything working it will develop into a different direction. I have a house and character set up and have done directional animated movement with arrow keys/mouse button/touch, z order going from room to room including upstairs, downstairs and out into the yard. The house is not finished colours and the character is just something I quickly made, but here’s a screenshot.