Hi from HelenPixels

Hi all, I’m new here (obviously), and to this very cool game engine. I have used RPG Maker in the past, and while that is a good tool, it doesn’t do everything I want it to without the use of several complex plugins. So, while it is certainly a comfortable engine for me, it hasn’t got the flexibility I want. This in mind I decided to take a look around and found myself here.

Actually I want to learn two game engines, this one, and Copper cube or PRG in a Box for 3D projects. I honestly cannot code and for some reason my brain turns to mush whenever I try. I wanted to transition to Godot but it looks so bewildering at the moment and I’m extremely confused by it, so I want something a bit simpler to understand until I’ve learned enough about the logic behind the games to transition to learning how to code. The reason I’ve picked this one for my 2d project ideas is because it seems to be much more versatile than RPG Maker, with several types of games being possible, including shoot’em ups and plaformers.

At the moment I want to experiment some and see what I can make with this, in any case it looks cool :slight_smile:


Hi HelenPixels and welcome. Hope you have fun with GDevelop, you’ll find that you can achieve a lot with it. It will be interesting to see if you still want to learn to code after getting more experience with GDevelop. Good luck with your future games :sunny:

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I think I’d still want to learn coding for the freedom it would provide, but perhaps it won’t be nearly as necessary now I know this tool exists and can do a lot more different kinds of games than RPG Maker is able to (it is after all a piece of software designed to make classic RPGs, and does it very successfully too). It’s going to take me a little while to learn though because things are set up differently, but it doesn’t seem overwhelming like many other engines.

Right now I am trying to do a small platformer. I want to do short projects while I’m learning, each one a bit different so I can fully grasp everything this engine has to offer before I tackle a larger and more complicated project. Eventually though I do want to make bigger games with storylines, something I can actually sell. I’m pretty decent at pixel art, but I’m only doing 16x16 basics for my learning projects because they’re quick and easy to draw.