Hi Gdevelopers iam Draxxen89

hi,again i just forgot to present myself :laughing:
well i am Draxxen89 a retrogamer and a beginer in pixel art
i got many ideas but,games development sometimes is not easy so i,m really trying to make my game
one is a action-adventure about a hero who fight agaist darkness to save his village ,something like that :laughing:
and the otherr is about a ciber-word something like megaman but not exactly as megaman :smiley:
again Hi to all of you Guys! :smiley:

Welcome, and good luck with your games :smiley:
Read the wiki (http://www.wiki.compilgames.net) for a basic understanding about GD mechanisms, concepts and tutorials :wink:

thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the GD forums!