Hi guys, just finished my first game, would appreciate feedback :-)

Hi all, after nearly 2 years I at last finished my “Blue Critter Adventure!”. It’s a game about exploration, using mostly platform- and top-down mechanics. (Not a classical platformer - there are many ways to pass through the caves, and some weird ways of moving…).
I tested it as thoroughly as I could, but sadly I couldn’t get anyone to test the Mac and the Linux versions. It would be great if you guys would give some feedback for the game!
It’s free on itch.io :The Blue Critter Adventure! by Blue Critter Games

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The jump height is so low in the game.
It doesn’t look like the character is jumping.
And I got stuck in that spikes part.
The ones where we have to first take out our spikes.

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Thanks for your feedback!
Did you get stuck directly in the beginning where you see the big worm creature? You don’t need to jump down into that, it’s only purpose is to tell you that you can protect yourself with your spikes. Go back to the egg, there you’ll see that a plant is giving you a seed. Eat that and you’ll grow and can jump higher.
Maybe I have to change that part to make more obvious where the player should go.
The jump height varies in the different rooms and is extremely low in the beginning, that changes as soon as you have eaten your first fruit.

Thanks again for making me aware of this problem! I’m just uploading a new version (only Windows for now) with a text that gets triggered when the player doesn’t go back.
This first part of the game is supposed to be a little tutorial where the main game mechanics are shown: using your spikes and eating fruits to change your body. But it may feel counter-intuitive to track back to the egg where the plant with the seed grows - hope this text helps.