Hi, I guess I'm super late for this but here is my story :D

So I just decided to talk a little about who I’m and how I started creating games and just how it all began for me.
Video : youtube.com/watch?v=FOEj86UBaFM&t=1s

I hope you enjoy watching and also I hope it helps anyone out there or even inspire anyone to just keep going for what you dream about, you can do it, I’m waiting to play your games :slight_smile:

Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Lol, it looks so easy as you playing. This game is cruel, the moment I think I’m good, almost there I find a surprise and start over :smiling_imp:
Great vid. I hope to see more vlog from you about the games you are going to be making and engines you may going to use.

My experience was very similar to yours. Struggled with programming at first, also with english language which made it only more difficult for me to learn programming languages. I didn’t have much success and then I have discovered GDevelop. It helped me to keep going have some fun while I was keep trying to learn programming. I’m ok with programming now but I still use GDevelop for small projects and prototypes. It is such a great tool, I love it. Always be one of my favourite.

Yeah I know :laughing: , and this is Miko’s Adventures basically, a cute looking game (on the surface) but then when you enter you find yourself in hell :laughing: Most youtubers who played the game can’t pass level 3 :smiley: , There are few people who actually managed to pass level 3 :smiley: ,Don’t know about people who are off camera but I’m pretty sure that someone out there reached the end (I hope :laughing: ) .
But definitely I promise to make the next game a lot more easier (not too much but just moderate) ,It will have a lot more depth into it I hope, just decided to make my first game a rage game so it stays a long time with people because rage games are so addictive you know ?, in games like Dark souls when you die you have this feeling inside that you can still beat it and after hours and hours of torture you actually do it and you feel so good about it, that’s what I was going for in this game and i guess it kinda worked out and people hated their lives because Miko keeps dying :laughing: , but of course it’s around 90% fair most of the time (most of the time it’s the player fault).
You die but then you learn and you get better at it and pass this level to get into the next level only to find more hell waiting :smiling_imp:

Thanks a lot, glad you liked the video and for sure when I can I’ll make more of these vlogs, maybe just share my thoughts and what I want to create next and so on (It will be far between these vlogs though).
Thank you so much for sharing some of your experience, and yeah without English I think it was a lot harder for you to get into pogramming stuff, I’m from Egypt so I talk Arabic but I learned English from lots of resources like Games 80% and listening to music, watching movies and reading, but games were like the main teacher for me, and it helped me a lot to communicate wit amazing people and communities like you guys.
Gdevelop is like the best thing that ever happened to me in the past 10 years of my life and I’m thankful I got here, it’s definitely the greatest tool :slight_smile: