Hi! New-ish to game development, but hopeful!

G’morning all! Just thought I’d drop a line here about meself, I’ve heard from a friend of mine it’s the best way to get started - I’ve been a long-term gamer and always wanted to make games myself, yet even after hitting the big 3-0 a few years ago my procrastination has held me back…but no longer!

I’ve tried for over a couple years (that sounds mega bad, I realise now as I type it!) using other software like Godot, Unity and to a lesser extent even Unreal Engine, yet none of it stuck with me. When I started tinkering with Gdevelop though, probably because of the many things I learned from these other engines, it’s starting to stick a lot better…now I’m hopeful, for a change, and that’s why I’m here, nattering away like an idiot!

Anyway, I’m currently working on a shmup game based on a fond ol’ favourite of mine from the Sega Megadrive/Genesis days, Truxton, and am hopeful that I can come on here n’ get help with it when the time inevitably comes, and if I can even dream, let others play it!

I’m none too savvy with technology and forums, mind, so I can’t promise miracles but it’s great to be here. It’s taken me nearly half an hour just to post this, to be frank haha! Still, here’s hoping to a fun start! Nice to meet you all!


Hello, I wish you a good time here. :hugs:

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Hey there Ambytar! Many thanks to ya!

Awesome stuff man! :smiley:

Cant wait to see your game!

You dont have to wait untill its finished…

My advice to you, make the core game loop, think of it like the ultra mini version of your full game.

Make your game in a tiny scale and then build from there! When you have a tiny scale demo done, you can post it for people to try it and give you ideas! :smiley:

Dont be shy about your game :slight_smile:

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Hi there MagicBiscuit! Nice to see you again haha!

Aye, that’s a fair point…plus getting feedback would be great while making the game rather than after, man I truly got a lot of learning to do!

I’ll see how I get on tonight when I get some spare time to work a lil’ more, to be fair I’ve got a level done in the shmup as such, with enemies and other things, just am a bit hesitant as I’ve got a couple ideas knocking ‘round the ol’ noggin I’d like to implement before letting it out to pasture.

Excellent advice though, cheers for your input! :slight_smile:

Glad you got the idea!

Dont worry about level or world building, thats the last thing to do.

First, make a playground for yourself, a level where you can implement things, test them and so on, then when you have all the basic building blocks and clear vision, make a small version of your game… make adjustments and finally, pull the trigger and go nutts with creating the levels and such :slight_smile:

If you need any help, make a post in the “How do i…?” section and people will explain how to do stuff :slight_smile: This community is really helpful!


Hope you have a good time here

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That’s brilliant advice, thanks for the head up about the ‘How do I’ section, that’ll sure come in handy! I’ll definitely try the playground approach also, thank you for your help!

Hi there Muditjangid123456! Thanks for the message, aye I hope so too haha!

Was I supposed to laugh?