Hi, newbie dev here! This is my intro

Hi to everyone.

Just wanted to introduce myself. My real name is ‘Eugene’.
I am currently working as ‘Budget Officer’.

I wanted to create a game (specifically mobile game) that I can upload to playstore and
earn from it. It’s just a part of bucket list :slight_smile:

I don’t have programming nor artistic skills, part of my struggle is to get resources that will fit my game concept. :sob:

I’ve been trying GDevelop for awhile now and I already created a partial kind of a game, but I fail to consider the license in using resources which I kinda extracted from RPG Maker hehe. I decided to stop that project and try to think another one. BTW, I never published the game.

Anyway, hope everyone is okay and having fun. If I ever finish a game, hope you guys will try it :slightly_smiling_face: :laughing:


Welcome Hakeruz, I’m quite new myseld, feel free to ask for advice.

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Finishing games is always the hardest part (or feeling a game is actually finished, maybe!?)! :crazy_face:

If you get stuck there are some good guys on here. :slight_smile: