Hi there. The name's Rob

I’m completely new to the world of game developing. I originally wanted to try a flash based game (managed to locate a new copy of Flash 5 a couple years ago) because I wanted to be able to upload it to Deviantart, but flash is just too complicated, and I couldn’t find any tutorials for what I wanted to do do. A short time ago I asked on the Newgrounds forums about free developing software, and this was one of 2 someone suggested. It sounded like the easiest to work with, so I went with it.
And it really seems to be simple. I was able to take the tank game tutorial and change it to a brief demo of what I wanted to make (aircraft instead of tank). I downloaded all of the templates, and with all of the tutorials, I should have what I need. The problem is figuring out how to put it all together. I’ll make a separate post on what I want to make. Unfortunately I won’t be able to upload it to DA since they don’t accept the file types GD5 makes.
I’ll see you around!


Yeah, DeviantArt is also not the best place to share your games. Try newgrounds or something. There are also platforms made for sharing games. I also like DeviantArt, if you already have some followers I guess you can upload your game to Gamejolt, make a nice thumbnail and post a link to the game with the thumbnail on DeviantArt.