Hi! :)

I’m not a programmer. I’m not a graphic designer. I’m not an animator.
In life(short:23 years), have many job: handing out leaflets, walk on stage in the movies, selling insurance, I wore furniture, I was tester e-learning platforms, I stood behind the bar, I organized competitions for high school students and many others.
Currently I engaged in e-learning and be paperman (like batman if batman work at 7:00 AM and giving newspaper). I believe that teaching is currently undergoing a process of gradual gaming and I would like to stay in this trend with the right qualifications for the job.
3 month ago in my company (e-learning) we thinking about creating game for client then I sugest: “Maybe Gdevelop is usefull?” my boss: “Don’t waste our time”…
3 months have passed and I still believe Gdevelop is usefull for creating game. I invented method how I can prov that statement. In August I imposed upon itself challenge. In every day of this month I create one game and publish it (probably in kongregate). In this topic (and my webstie when I translate to english) I will report my progress. Details of this challenge I post when precisely translate rules (one of rules: Topic of the game is dependent on result of lottery in Poland from day back). I hope this month will be constructive and I hope you will be honest in Your opinion (when game sux, you told “game sux”). I’m sorry for my english if something is incomprehensible tell me :slight_smile:
PS. Don’t tell my bos :slight_smile:

Good and keep it UP :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: