I am a long-time animator trying to enter the app-design and basic game-design scene.
I have very basic coding skills and was hoping GDevelop would be a good platform for me to be able to get started making HTML5 and android based simple games. I previously have only worked with actionscript so the system of instances, events, scenes and objects is somewhat familiar to me.

Any suggestions for tutorials? My first goal is to create a basic resource management type game keeping a creature alive that needs to be fed various types of food, using a point and click as well as typing based interface. Most of the tutorials on the gdevelop website focus on platforming, and lack information on how to structure a project such that the final product would be responsive to both smartphone and browser. I would appreciate anybody who can help point me in a good direction!

Also, as an aside, I am always interested in hearing about animation opportunities from anyone who needs sprites for their projects.

Hi zombiepimp, GDevelop is perfect for making small and simple games with ease and little coding skill is required. The tutorial I used when starting was the tutorial on the GDevelop site here:
wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gd … /tutorials
Even if you were not looking to make a platformer, it’s still very helpful in all types of projects.

The tutorial just kind of showed me the ropes a bit, then everything else I could just do by myself as GDevelop has a trusty search tool for actions and conditions. If you ever run into trouble you could look up the GDevelop wiki or ask away in the discord server. I find both equally as useful.

If the tutorial still doesn’t help or you just don’t want to do do it then come and ask in the discord. I’m sure a lot of people would be able to guide your way.

…And good to make bigger games also. Even 2D openworld games.