Hide the children of a structure variable

I had read a guide and had already modified in this way

now when I open the chests it finds 0+0 in every text

Why is this action clear? It used to be add … I’m not sure what happened.

It should be

Cross you fingers and change that action.

I see this was the section I was talking about
" The event with one of these is true is 1 or 3, I should’ve had delete the children of the randomNamesList array."

I slapped this together in an image editor. I think this should be the current version.

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WORKS!!! thank you so much @Keith_1357 I’m really grateful!

I spoke too soon… it works it is repeated sometimes only the first child “arrows”
I think at this point I’ll have to reinvent myself

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if I try to remove arrows from the ammunition boxes everything works wonderfully.
Is there no way to change the order of the children or does it necessarily follow an alphabetical order?
it would be enough to set gasoline,rockets or rounds as the first child to solve the problem

I don’t know how to change the order of a structure.

I think I messed up on the mod() I think it should be =1 not =0

I think I got confused with the way arrays start at 0 but count is just count.

If mod() is 1 then it’s an odd number of children and it needs to add another item to make it even.

If mod() is 0 it’s an even number of children and doesn’t need anything.

mod (#, #) (which is 1st number / 2 number)
1,2 has a result of 1 bc it’s less than the 2nd #
2/2 has a remainder of 0
3/2 has a remainder of 1
4/2 has a remained of 0

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right mod() must be = 1
thanks again

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