Hight Marker Bar

I thought they were built in! How would I set them up?

No, how could GDevelop know what they are? Create them as scene variables. You’ll need to set the value of maxDistance (like at the start of the scene or as the default value of the variable when you define it), and playerDistance will need to be continuously calculated.

I got it to work but it goes the opposite direction.

How do you mean opposite direction? Does it start at the bottom?

If it starts at the top, then you’ve set playerDistance to the max distance. In which case, get rid of the "1 -" bit in the equation.

It starts where I place it in the editor then when I run the game, when I move up it moves down and when I move down it moves up

How do you calculate playerDistance?

the y position of the player

I fixed it! Now I just need it to stay on the bar.