Hiring developer

I’m looking for a developer to build me a game for Facebook

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What does the heart mean

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No devs here to hire should I leave then i don’t want to wait for months till I get an answer

Up to you. Most people here are spread across the globe, so time zones should be taken into consideration when waiting for a response after only 6 hours. You can always give your post a bump; I usually give it a day or so of no reply before I start sounding like a squeaky wheel. I’m not a professional developer looking for work here, that’s why I only replied to your other question.

I will give it time are you able to build any game


I currently have a platform game project that I work on as a hobby, but I’m not an expert and don’t know the full potential of what can be achieved with GDevelop. I think you can do a lot with it, especially if you are good with JavaScript, but it’s more or less targeted toward people that don’t know how to write code.

Most people around here is busy with their personal projects. There are websites out there dedicated to find freelancers, you can also find devs on these websites:



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Here is an excellent guide which will help you to in hiring app developers. As for me, I’d go to software development agencies to be sure about the final result

you can hire me if you wan’t

He couldn’t wait for 6h. What make you think he’ll hire now more than 1 year later?


This seems like a necropost and one that revived a thread where the author has left. Going to go ahead and lock this.