Hiring developpers

Hello, I have to hire a 1 man team to realise an indie game close of this (just the battle):

So I’m also seeking on indie forums. It should not take more than 4 month for any professional. I will hire the fastest but it will still be fixed to 5000$ (you will have a contract) even if it’s less than 4 months. If you don’t want to have an official contract (this happened to me once) we can work through a third party job’s hub.

Send me a pm if you think you can do it.

I’m not against beginner but he will have to be convincing.

What type of game you are trying to make here? Can I have some info?

… what? Why do you go from one topic to another just to trashtalk GDevelop? You want to hire devs or just rage against the Engine? And how would you (who apparently isn’t capable of developing games by yourself) know that it requires more than 5 month to do stuff you would in 4 with Godot? You literally joined 1 day ago and basically tell you cannot Dev, so you are not in position to judge the efficiency of different engines. Also, if your claims are actually based on solid evidence, then show us the “efficiency claims” of GDevelop and show us how you are able to declare GDevelop as unproductive. Unless you show us that, you won’t be taken seriously.


To put it in slightly more direct terms from what Arthuro is saying:

If you have concerns about efficiency in GDevelop, please list what those issues are so people can help.

This is a much smaller open source project from Godot, but the contributors and community here are pretty awesome. If you list out what your perceived issues are, either community members can help discuss ways around it, or it can be moved as a bug/enhancement request as needed.

However, if you can’t do the above, I’m not sure any of the contributors or community members are going to find your statements very credible since they can’t identify what you’re referring to without it (it being you actually listing out what the issues are).


“GDevelop” is different from “Godot”. “GDevelop” is visual programming, which is friendly to artists and planners without programming knowledge, while “Godot” needs some programming knowledge. If you make small and medium-sized games, “GDevelop” will be faster and the performance will be the same. If we make large-scale games, “Godot” will undoubtedly be more comprehensive.
So the development direction of “GDevelop” and “Godot” is different, so it can’t be evaluated in this way. “Gdevelop” may lack some more commonly used functions now, but the community staff are trying to update it, and the engine will be updated once in a while to fill in new functions. At present, the activity level of the community is quite high, which is the trend of “GDevelop” developing in a good direction!
I hope you can use “GDevelop” for a period of time and experience some of its fast and convenient places. This engine is quite good for me!

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Again, show us. Plus, Are any of them GDevelop developpers? If not how would they know? Ask those persons that told you that their reason to think that.

This makes no sense, and for your information my message got 3 likes while you don’t have any. Please look at the numbers before using them as arguments, you just loose more credibility.

If it wasn’t clear, yes, I totally think that you are not right. One of the major points of GDevelop is that it is extremely fast to create games with. Event coding is very fast, plus you can use “classical” coding in Js if you want.

You have no founded arguments, and you pretty much are just trashtalking the engine. As the conversation started I understand if you wish to continue, but as a moderator I have to ask you to please not just trashtalk (saying something is bad without arguments to give a bad impression about something/promote an alternative) anymore.

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It is also depends on how much experience you have and what type of project we are talking about and what sort of features you going to need.
GDevelop has out of the box:

  • Platformer controls
  • Top-Down controls
  • Pathfinding
  • Physics
  • Custom image points and collision mask
  • Object linking events to make logical connections
  • Can do ray cast.
  • Inventory events
  • Storage events to store values permanently
  • Math expressions to make advanced calculations like distance, angle, rotation in 2D
  • Can handle keyboard, touch and sensor inputs

So you have access to all this and many more to build a project with no effort. Obviously if you need something that GD does not have out of the box, it is going to require more time in GD than in other tool that has the feature already.

For example, you shown the screenshot of an isometric strategy game, obviously, if this is what you want it is going to take more time in GDevelop as GD is a 2D engine and support 2D sprites only. You may be able to do it faster in a 3D engine like Godot using actual 3D geometry and 3D camera and someone with experience with 3D in Godot but if you give the task to someone with no experience in 3D even if you can setup the isometric view faster in Godot, to implement the logic going to take longer.

So it is a lot more complex question than just “which engine faster”.
It is depends mostly on the project and the experience of the developer.


Then just have to check the number of “likes” to see that I got 2 times more than you. “Likes” gave by your own community it’s also a little proof.

Just to clarify on this for people new to this forum software, there may be confusion around “Likes in thread” with “likes on a post”.

To be clear, this header:

Is how many likes there are in the thread.

This header:

Indicates how many likes there are on a post. The heart is the like. So yes, there are 9 likes in this thread at the time of this post. However, none of them are currently on your posts getde8888, which is what Arthuro is mentioning.

And I talk with “a lot” of devs on different forums and according to their replies and pm it seems that what I just said above is right.

Please note: Godot forums or forums with a large Godot userbase are VERY adamant about usage of Godot. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as all engines should have their fans (just like we do here for GDevelop), but there are always some outliers, especially as Godot users tend to view the engine as an underdog. I’ve seen threads around Godot where users try to state it has a larger community than Unity (which is untrue) or is more flexible than Unity (which is debatable and potentially leaning to untrue).

Godot is a fantastic game engine, but has completely different goals than GDevelop. Depending on the type of game you’re wanting to make, GDevelop will be EXCEPTIONALLY faster for a new developer than Godot, especially if they don’t know any programming. Even if they know some programming, learning the event system in GDevelop will be faster than learning GDScript in Godot if you’re wanting to make something that GDevelop already has native support for, as ddabrahim mentioned.

On the flip side, there will be things that will be possible in Godot that GDevelop can’t do (3D, multiple 2D canvases, etc), or if you know C# already you’ll have a leg up in Godot vs GDevelop. These engines have completely different goals, but I will say hands down that GDevelop is better at “time to proficiency” for a new developer, because I was that new developer, trying to learn both systems. :smiley:

To get back on track, again, please list out what issues/concerns you actually have on the engine, and I’m happy to talk through them (as I’m sure others are as well).

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First I’m the producer so it’s you who have to proove me that I’m wrong. What until now you didn’t clearly do. And you are asking me proof of the pm that I got on other forum. This would be really unprofessional.
Hopefully your community saves you.
ddabrahim gave a great reply which clarify well everything.
And thank Silver-Streak for the “likes” clarification it should have been obvious for me but as I got a “badge” rewarding me for the “first” like that I got I missunderstood but indeed I didn’t got any. Sorry again.
It’s true that Gdevelop is pretty differents about everything so it could be confusing.
Whatever I found a dev on the torque forum who is a great fan of strategy so I will go with him. You can delete the topic.
Thank again everyone for your help.