Hornblower - Welcome to Purgatory

This is my first game:


It is based on the TV and book series Hornblower which I’m a fan of. It’s a rather simple game, but it works and it mostly turned out the way I imagined it.

Thanks to all the developers of GDevelop and the people who helped me here in the forum, without this program it would have been much more difficult for me to make this little game :slight_smile: !

Great work, a simple and fun game. :smiley:

I tried the HTML5 online version there are differences with that deskop?

Anyway congratulations great finish.

If you like, you can add the game to the new list of games developed with gdevelop.

You can find the post [url]Google documents Game collection]

If you do not want to use it as an option you can avoid making a request is an optional thing.

Good evening.

Thanks for playing :slight_smile: .

There aren’t any differences. The desktop version is in the original size (320x240 pixel), but GameJolt allows you to make your game bigger in its online version. I don’t know why the text in the desktop version is blurry and in the online version not.