How did you find out about GDevelop ?

Hi Folks,
I have been wondering about the pathways that people found to find and explore GDevelop.

For me it was through


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I was searching using Google.

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I was looking a new simple game making tool and I found this using google. I think it was pretty new thing back then and I was not so impressed by it at first (lack of games made by the users of the engine) and forget this engine for year or two (maybe more) and finally I found it again in front of me in the year 2015.

My game engine history:
Clickteam’s Klik & Play ->The Games factory → The games factory 2 → multimedia fusion 2 and finally GDevelop. (There was also rpg makers but I did not used them a lot).

I like GDevelop because it is much more understandable and logical compared to other engines I’ve been used. :sunglasses:

I found it in 2010, after getting bored making maps for Counter-Strike and maps/cinematics/missions for Warcraft 3 and come that there were game engine tools (I had no idea :stuck_out_tongue:) I decided to try one of those.
Then I downloaded RPG Maker XP (full software, piracy you know, I was young and fool), that splash screen still makes me to want to make a classic RPG game :’). The problem with RPG Maker is the same as the map builder for CS or WC3 action scripts, they are attached to a game, because every RPG Maker game was the same unless you know how to script.
And started with Python, programming is the only thing in my life that forces me to watch tutorials about. Learned a lot (and still learning), now Python is like my playground for complex things, but not very useful to make full games because the lack of tools and graphical interface.
So I searched for days, a tool to make games, but not attached to a unique genre, tried the new RPG Maker (with scripting), Game Maker, Stencyl, Clickteam Fusion, Blender, Game Editor, etc. Finally found GD, not remember if I followed an image link or a link in a page with lists and lists of games engines.
GD was just awesome, place the events and everything working, good for prototyping, but allowing bigger projects, with a nice GUI, and some years later the JS events allows you to add custom code/libraries in a dynamic-typing language (as Python) :smiley:

Maybe too much story for a “I found it in a page with lists of game engines”, but I think there is no better place to write it, sorry :laughing:

In case you still want to make that dream RPG of yours, you might want to have a look at the MV version as it is using Javascript and Pixi.js now.

It was for me too. I had just discovered that RPG maker existed and wondered if there was something similar for platformers.

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That’s great!, I’ve already heard about the Javascript switch (I think, or it was a so-obvious move that I assumed it :laughing: ), but had no idea about PIXI :smiley:

This was so long ago that I don’t remember the details. I was searching for a complete game engine with IDE and level editor that is FLOSS and runs on Linux.
Back then only GDevelop and Enigma-Dev existed. Both are still nice game engines.