How do demo game?

How i can send testing game in here if somebody is interestin?. Try do zip file but dont work.

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I don’t know but look like a nice game!

Thanks. There is mirror what im very proud. :smiley:

Radio with distance is not correct. But easy correct. I think.

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there are many ways to be able to do that :slight_smile:

You can upload it on an HTML game hosting site like Newgrounds as a private project or upload the zip to google drive and share us the link.

But the best way to do it is exporting like this:

and then giving us the link that it generates :wink:

If you cannot find this option, you will need to update GDevelop to a fairly recent version

Recent version here. Sry I try a another way. I think i have solution. Now my testing time is zero now. Later!. It take wrong level, i think? Yep, i think thats my problem. Thanks. Its nice to see people in here to helping people. Keep to together. I try send demo again this weekend.