How do games perform on for you when using Google Chrome?

When I preview, export to .exe, and play a test APK on Android my game runs perfectly fine.
After uploading to my game’s frame rate drops a lot when playing in Google Chrome.
However when I tried playing on Microsoft Edge or Firefox There was no frame rate drop and the screenshots and trailer for the game Loaded, whereas on Google Chrome they did not load. I also tried playing in incognito mode and ran into the same issues. This is not only for the game I made, but also for many other games I played in the Google Chrome browser on, both those made with and without GDevelop. I’d be interested to know If others experience the same issues, and if you found any reasons for frame rate droppage.

Also my CPU usage goes to 90% or higher in most cases when the frame rate drops. That is quite surprising since my PC can run Crysis smoothly at medium settings and much more demanding games than browser games.

Could it be that you have a rogue or bugged extension running in Chrome? :confused:

I sure hope not, but would that effect incognito mode too?

Incognito mode removes history and cookies, but doesn’t stop extensions AFAIK.

If you press ctrl-shift-i, it opens Chrome console with a bunch of performance monitoring tools, it might help you. It’s not so easy to use though, you’ll probably have to look for a tutorial on how to use that.

Thanks for the tip Gruk, I’ll look into it.