How do I fix broken link for my assets?

I’m having problem for the assets to appear on the object list and on to display on the scene but it is able to be seen when I click play preview. I am using MacBook M1 chip but did not give me any problem until now. I have try to uninstall and install GDevelop again but the asset still appear break. Anybody know how to solve this?

How did you break them? :grimacing:
Check out the object properties, see if they display there, and also check out the Resources tab in the project properties.

Hi this is the object properties:

This is the resource tab

This is the file containing the game.json and assets

Is there anything I can do here to fix this?

Just in case, have you tried to restart your computer?
What happens if you try in a new project?
What happens if you load an example project?
Are the assets broken too?