How do I fix the score problem in the game?

Hi Everyone. There is a score in my game and this score increases gradually, but when I die, it starts with the same score. I want to start this score from 0, how can I do it?

Hi, if you would post your events there is certainly someone who could help you. Do you reset the score variable to 0 when the player dies?

Hello, I’m new to this Gdevelop. I’m using a ready-made project, can you please contact me?

Hi, as mentioned, could you give a screenshot of your events or if you use one of the templates can you tell us which one it is?

Hello bro, the template I use is “Run Dino Run”, I adjusted a little bit by myself, I encountered this problem after I set it, if you have an Instagram, can we contact you from there? I’m not very good at using this place and I need help.

help me please i need your help

Sorry, I am not using instagram. The forum is actually the best place for posting problems and getting help since several people can suggest several solutions and those who encounter a similar problem can later read how to solve it. There is also no guarantee that I can really help you.

For resetting the score this is what you need in the events for the Game-scene:

It is part of the Run dino run- game and it seems that you erased it or altered it somehow.

I’ll try, if not, I’ll contact you again, okay?

No bro it didn’t work, I sent you my file. Can you edit the score part of it and give it to me?

Can I send my file to you from here?

Bro I did it stop, thanks for your help

No, the only way I could look at it would be through screenshots which you post here. And even then - as I mentioned before - I am not necessarily the person who can really help you with your problem.

Edit: Okay, I am glad it worked.