How do I know "at the beginning of the game"?

Not “at the beginning of the Scene”
I want to know “at the beginning of the Game”

I want to choose the start scene after “game.startGameLoop()”.

Is this the only way?
Moveup the first Scene…


or, choose the scene handle on external event…


(but not working create objects from external layout instances…)

The first scene in your project manager, open it and set the action “at the beginning of the Game” and add your actions / sub events.

set the action “at the beginning of the Game”

where is this??
Is that “at the beginning of the Scene”?

Oh sorry missunderstood. I mean “at the beginning of the Scene” yes and not in action but in conditions, sorry.

Thanks for your response.
So this is the only way to do it, right?

Yes or, experiment with JSevent.
But the easy way is this one for me, scene and condition.

Thanks for your help!

“at the beginning of the Game”
I found out that I couldn’t do that.

I’ll do it this way:


  • Use First scene event to trigger the start of the game
  • Make a global variable a placeholder
  • Get the currentStageNum from the storage and put it into the global variable.
  • Scene change from global variable.
  • Put handler of GameTop external layout on each stage scene

At the First Scene Event (not external event)

// live is my functions and teamName
var live =;
if (live) {
    live.updateVariableCurrentStageNum(runtimeScene).then(() => {

At the each Stage Scene (It’s messy…)

and after the stage is cleared:


implement replaceNextStage():

  • Increment ++currentStageNum
  • Choose the next stage from structured global variable “StageSequence”
  • Set next num into storage(other promise methods
  • Replace the nextScene

We solved it!