How do I learn Gdevelop?

Hello All. I have been trying to learn Gdevelop but can’t get my mind around the basic concepts. Is there a video tutorial (or text tutorial) that teaches fundamental concepts? In my search, most tutorials don’t teach any concepts at all, they talk about interface and navigating the Event Editor to serve the game example they are teaching. A lot of the tutorial also cover the same stuff, i.e., platformers. I am quite familiar with programming languages and can code in a few of them for various game engines, but still I can’t get very far in learning Gdevelop.

I have ADHD, that certainly contributes greatly in my struggle, but I feel a solid beginner friendly tutorial series is needed that covers the foundation, I suspect this could be helpful for many users.

I am hoping that I have missed a learning resource and someone here can point me to it.

Hi and welcome to the community you can start reading here there is a lot of info and links.

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I found gdevelop few days ago and i see my progress in pass few days.
What helped me:

  • Wiki page: GDevelop 5 [GDevelop wiki] (I used tank example to create my mage spells)
  • From gdevelop → new project → examples → not a vania helpmed me to better understand how works camera, player, playerhitbox, enemies, how controll my character. How to create aditional events. I edited a lot of this (10 times maybe better) and now created new funkctions like coins, potions pick up and use, chest (you can get reward from it) and etc…
  • youtube or basically google searches. “gdevelop how to create…” for e.g. gdevelop how flip sprites. gdevelop how to create pause menu.

In my experience you just start a new project and try to implement something you want.
Yesterday i did my first “code” of experience and level system and i didin’t need any tutorials (because i remember how things work from youtube or wiki)

Also if you have any questions, you can always use a forum.

Have a great game creation

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Thanks guys. I finally broke through the barrier and started learning.