How do i make a 2 player collision?

Hi! I plan on making a 2 player platformer game but there is one problem, i got all the movement and camera things done but i don’t know how to make it so that one player can jump on the other one’s head and use it as a platform. Thanks!

Also is there anyway for the camera to focus both players

Check out the centre camera on 2 objects solution in this link.

Ha. I forgot, the solution in that link has been made into an extension, called FollowObjectsWithCamera.

Maybe make two hitboxes for two players with a behavior of Jump Thru Platform and change the position of those two hitboxes to the position of Player.PointX(“Head”) and Player.PointY(“Head”).

I tried making a small invisible junpthru platform on the players head but its a bit jank and the olayers can go very high up.

Have you made sure the invisible platform object is not touching the player’s hitbox that it’s connected to? Either make it very thin (1 pixel) and have it just above the player hitbox (it’ll leave a gap between the 2 players), or reduce the height of the player hitbox by a pixel or two and place it just above that.

In theory this approach should work, but whether it does…