How do I make a 3D game in GD

Hi I’m still very new to using GD and I want to get comfortable with so I can make games for my company to sell and I want help on making a 3d game. And I was wondering if someone can post a tutorial and the game is an fps game

GD is a 2D game engine with the option to use 3D objects in your game, so you can’t make a full 3D game. The Wolfenstein style 3D engine example in GD is only proof of that, how flexible is GD, but in reality, there is no 3D space to move around only 2D objects that generate and pitch 3D boxes in 2D space in front of you, compared to the angle and distance between the camera object and Wall2D object. No 3D camera in GD so the closest you can get to a 3D game in GD is a 2.5D (isometric) game by using 3D boxes in 2D space and hopefully also any 3D models in the future.