How do I ... make a boundless fog of war like in some of the best isometric and top-down rpgs

I tried to recreate the fog of war game example in my own game, except that the effect appears to be bound to the original screen boundary, and even if I anchor the shape painters to the corner, it still does this:

So what’s the problem here. How do you use fog of war to cover an entire level or even an open-world area at the beginning of the scene? (The example doesn’t cover this because the example remains in one camera-space.)

In this example

You can change it by going to shape painter properties and to behavior tab

How do I change it here? “Must only draw what is on screen” doesn’t seem to change it.

What does “change the field area bounds” mean? Does that mean that the black part will be within set boundaries rather than the corners of the screen?

I meant bounds
But it seems to break as soon as i use center camera on player
Disk itself is not moving accordingly to player idk why
And no matter what i can’t fix it

OK i wanted to dynamically expand and shrink that black area but i can’t figure it out


I figured how to make it absurdly big

1 - Either you put your shape painter object on same layer as player ON WHICH you center camera on player
OR you just add action to also center camera on player on layer on which you have shape painter object

2 - Shape painter settings for the one that is like reacting to light source
NOT the one that once you cut a hole with it it stays uncovered
But i guess they would use same settings more or less
As you see left and top are negative and bottom and right are positive numbers
I went for 10 000 but i guess that would depend on how big your map is

3 - Order of actions is important
And these are all actions i use

To get this