How do I make a pokemon game?

I want to make a pokemon game. How do I start and what should I do? Please help!

Well, to do a pokemon game you should be able to imagine how to set up a videogame. To properly imagine how to set up any game you should start understanding game logic. In order to understand game logic you should learn the very basics of game developing and practice a lot. To learn the basics and practice as well you should start following the GDevelop beginners tutorial and then make some extremely simple games.


Is it possible to make a Pokemon game in GDevelop? Yes, I’m pretty sure you could.
As far as I know it hasn’t been done before.

This means you will need to work through this game design mostly by youself, which will also mean you need to:

  1. Learn the engine basics: GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]
  2. Ensure you understand how variables work in great detail: Variables [GDevelop wiki]
  3. And reference and learn a lot of the more advanced examples:

After you’ve done all of the above, you’ll need to figure out your game mechanics. Thinking about Pokemon, this means:

  • Movement
  • The world menu/main menu
  • Dialogue interactions
  • Building entering/exiting
  • Shops
  • Random encounters
  • The combat menu
  • Your entire monster library/pokedex
  • Default stats per monster
  • Stat randomization per monster
  • Stat increases per level
  • Skills per monster
  • Skill availability per monster
  • Unique AI per monster type
  • Stat tracking for the player’s monsters, since they won’t be any of the defaults.
  • Saving the game state
  • Loading the game state

There’s probably more, but the above are the ones I can think of. Some of the above may already be covered in the examples, but many of them (especially combat/monster stats/etc) you’ll need to develop your own solutions as part of your game development process in GDevelop. That said, everything in Gdevelop was at one time “never done before”, so you might be the first just like someone was once the first person to make a platformer, or the first person to do a space shooter, etc.


Here is a functional turn-based battle system:

One part less.

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