How do I make an object go around multiple objects when I hover over another object like a selector outline

Hello, I’m trying to add an outline to my level selector icons when you hover over them, I’ve tried with boolean variables, though it only works for one icon at a time and I can’t figure out how to make it move positions while hiding it. I know I’ve described this horribly, so I’ve included a screenshot and a video clip. Hope they help! Video Clip

the code

Hello, what you’re after can be done very easily with the “button” object. You can specify 3 different images for idle, hover and pressed states. So just create another image for the button with an outline and add it to the hover state. No need to add any events.

Here you have it that if the Boolean variable of 1 and 2 are false then you hide it so if even boolean 1 is true then it wont work because boolean variable 2 is still false so the outline will stay hidden.I dont see why you even need boolean variable you need to put that if cursor is not on level 1 and also level 2 only then hide it.
You need to use this code:

bandicam 2024-04-06 22-25-26-463

bandicam 2024-04-06 22-25-28-275

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That just makes it harder my idea is much simple and easier to understand

Thank you both! I really appreciate it!