How do I make Controller Menu Navigation?

Hello, I’m making a game that needs controller support for the menus. I’ve read a similar forum post about this topic, though it wasn’t very helpful and it’s quite old now.
If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated!

Can you send screenshots and example and if possible more context

There are quite a few ways to do it. One way is shown in the title screen scene in my Not-a-vania example, which you can see in the main example list within the engine.

Try this out

If you just want the short of it.

  • Make a cursor (Any kind of sprite, could be a white square)
  • Put the cursor on your menu, either spawn it in with Create Object, or place it in
  • Make events that control the cursor, like, when Up on the controller is pressed, change the Y Position of “Cursor” to Cursor.Y()-64, if Down on controller is pressed, change Y Position of “Cursor” to Cursor.Y()+64
  • To select anything, either make an invisible sprite that the cursor can collide with or make the cursor collide with the actual menu element, then do, “Cursor” is in collision with “Meny element”, Button A on controller is pressed, do something.

Hope that helps!

If not, lemme know!

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