How Do I Make Pathfinding Object Go Back & Forth?

Hello All!
To be honest, I’d really just like to be following a tut on making an isometric, multi-level game, with character selection and enemy AI, but it doesn’t exist! So anyway, when Scene 1 opens, my enemy AI (the blue girl) Angie just stays in place, doing her left (walk) motion. I NEED HER TO BE TRAVERSING BACK AND FORTH. That’s all I’m trying to fix at this point. She actually approaches the player (silver girl) character, when the playable character gets close to her. Angie actually switches to her right (walk) animation, if she collides with the GoRight obstacle while approaching the playable character. What enemy Angie is supposed to be doing, however, is patrolling back and forth between the two obstacles. By the way, Angie currently has an idle and 3 directional animations.

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