How do I Remove Blur Flickering?

Gdevelop seems to have many bugs with effects. I’ve already reported on the advanced bloom looking weird on large objects but that is not what this is about. In Gdevelop, both Kawase and Gaussian blur seem to have flickering issues. It happens more with Kawase blur but I keep seeing flickering in my game. I am using both effects on different layers for my pause menu. It only seems to happen when the camera is not moving and then I pause the game.

Gaussian blur is on the level. Kawase is on the HUD (Health bar, timer, and ammo counter)

After further testing, it seems that the flickering happens on both but the Kawase blur has much more severe flickering

Your UI elements (that blue health bar on the top left, the timer in the top middle and whatever is in the bottom right) move around when the screen is scrolling. This suggests you have the UI objects being drawn on the playing layer. Move them to a new layer (I’ll call it UI layer), and don’t move the camera on the UI layer. This may resolve the issue.

they are on a separate layer. The UI layer has Kawase blur. The game layer is Gaussian. I do move the camera for the UI layer though to get that movement feedback effect

To me it doesn’t give a movement feedback type feeling - instead it feels like it’s been amateurly coded and is bit flakey.

If you don’t move the UI camera, does the problem still occur?

Do you repeatedly set the blur, or is it a once occurring event when the game is paused?

And why the 2 blurs?

I had 2 blurs just to showcase that it happens on both versions

I will try without movement though

It should also be noted that the base layer flickers as well

I’m getting some very interesting behavior. I tried it with the UI stationary on my good computer and it worked. I tried it with the UI moving on my home computer and it worked. It seems to be a performance issue with the Chromebook I was previously using.

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