How do i restore a file that i had saved on the cloud when it has dissapeared

i was trying to log into the gdevelop website to finish of my school project to get my GCSE and the files was missing. i have had no problems with is project before but now it is missing and. is there anyway of restoring this?


Hi @12ABaninasab,

Are you sure you logged in the same account? Did you delete the project?
Also, please don’t ping people that you are not in a discussion with.

i have logged i to the correct acount and have not deleted the project. Before i have exited the app and logged back with out any issue but this time the entire file has dissapeard with no trace.

sorry for pinging you. I did not know i was not supposed to.

Could you send me in private the email address behind your GDevelop account?
Are we talking about a project stored in GDevelop’s cloud or on your device?