How do I set up isometric AI?


Isometric is a new feature, the number of resources are as you can see very low.
Another example fully isometric will be available soon, you can download it here for now:

The example Tactical game grid movement is also a great support. There is an object that can move to any position based on a iso grid.
Loop on two positions you have a back and forth.


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Thanks for the reply! I didn’t realize isometric view is new. I will check out the tactical game grid movement, but would still appreciate it if anyone has a quick fix just to get her walking back and forth. Everything is set up, but I evidently messed up on some technical detail. I don’t like getting hung up on something like that, that I may never figure out, when one of the tech whizzes may immediately know how to fix it. There is so much to do, that I do know how to do, like making the idle and 8 directional animations in iClone for each of the 4 playable characters and 3 enemy AI, exporting them all, optimizing them, bringing them all into GDevelop, adjusting the speed in animations, the max speed in behaviors, then redoing the animations in iClone, because one character isn’t proportional to another with respect to their positions in the isometric landscape, etc.!

I’m going to be a bit more direct then the above two moderators were:

  1. Stop with passive aggressive responses to other users that give you answers you don’t like. ESPECIALLY to moderators. This is not a “please”. This is an official warning of “stop”.

    • Example: “Please don’t tell me to go look at the example projects. I’ve downloaded a bunch of them. If the remedy for this were in the examples, I wouldn’t be asking for it in the forums.”

    • The remedy for “how do I update animations on an isometric character” and “how do I make a character go back and forth” are in the examples. Moving back and forth is in the example most shown throughout the main site, the Platformer example. Isometric animations is in the example Gruk gave you. It is up to you to review those examples, internalize their events, and combine the needed logic.

  2. Isometric as a structured concept is new to the engine, and there are newer capabilities around collisions that have been added recently. Making an isometric game is not. The isometric example Gruk mentioned has been in the engine since I started using it 2 years ago.

  3. Many of your concepts and questions (and actions, such as 200 frame animations) you’re having issues with because they’re not 2D game concepts. A lot of what you’re asking is basically trying to take a 3D game with 3D collisions on multiple planes and angles and map it to a 2D game engine.

    • Unfortunately, this is a game design complexity issue that you’ve created from your design goals, rather than a complexity issue isolated to GD5. Most of these concepts would be simpler to implement in a 3D game engine, since 3D collisions would be part of that engines design goals.

Finally without a number: You keep making posts requesting people to basically build out solutions to your game logic problems. While we’re all here in the community to help if we can, unfortunately as mentioned above you’re striking out on something that isn’t just an isometric game, but a game with 3D concepts, so many of your questions may not have answers as you’re the first to do it.

You need to become okay with that as well, rather than repeating the question in a different way with other posts. You may also need to start structuring your posts more so more people can help, as they tend to be longer walls of text in a single paragraph. Not all of the community uses English as their first language, and unstructured content is harder to parse, and therefore harder for them to help.

Thank you.


I am a 58-year-old former US Army Officer, who holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, and is attempting to make his sci fi concept into a game while he is still alive. I promise you that I am anything but passive, and the condition you should really look into is “delusions of grandeur”. MrMen from the forums has been incredibly helpful, as has Gruk. You, AFTER chastising me like a child for seeking help from multiple sources, THEN inform me that the problem is my 3D concepts not merging well with a 2D game engine. Do whatever it takes to make you feel powerful! For months, my Facebook has been covered with posts telling people I’ve discovered the best game engine ever. I have consistently told anyone looking for an engine, in the developer groups, to download GDevelop. What an idiot I was!

Hello guys, let me intervene, I think we are all here in the community both to ask for help and to give help according to our knowledge, we do not have to take the situation out of context.

Just highlight MrWmJCarey that if there are users who can help they will, what they will not do is create your custom game.

Whenever we can help you we will do it, if it seems to you that we are falling short, it may be that we do not have the necessary knowledge to be able to help you.
But that doesn’t mean we won’t do it in the future. As you will know how to program or create a game, it is to learn constantly, day by day and many times we go to sleep frustrated because some of our game does not go as we want, but the next day we solve it without further ado.
Don’t be discouraged @MrWmJCarey and keep trying every day.

Thank you. It is very frustrating to be held up by some stupid, little technical error I have made somewhere, especially when I have no idea what it is. I watched tuts, and set up the enemy AI traversing to the best of my ability, but she doesn’t traverse. I just want to get on with all the stuff remaining to complete the game, most of which I know how to do at this point. IClone has been the program I use on a daily basis for quite a few years now, and I can create characters, 3D renders, and 3D animations in my sleep, not even having to think about the technical stuff, just creating. It’s completely different with game engines!

You can always try to move your events into Groups so it’s easy to check deactivating the Groups, so you can debug easily.
Use the integrated Debugger to see what can be failing.
I’m not very experienced into GD, but is what I do when my games doesn’t work as I expect.
Sorry for not being helpful for you in this.

Hi MrWmJCarey,

I can understand your frustration but I can also relate to the reaction of @Silver-Streak. Obviously you are old enough to do whatever you want and you don’t need any advice from a random person like me. I just can tell you that the post with your degrees and the army certificate in a forum for getting help with 2D games makes it look like the perfect definition of "delusions of grandeur”. I am pretty sure that your not doing yourself any favor with that.

I guess most people in the forum are not from the US and I suppose they are not necessarily impressed that you are a veteran. Aside from that you have my full respect for working on a complex game with all your passion. If I would be knowledgable enough to help you, I would love to do that.

I don’t post my degrees and honorable discharge in any forums, and I belong to forums for veterans, iCloners, developers, musicians, artists, etc. This was the first time that someone has called me passive/aggressive, however, so it was necessary to document that I am not passive, and, in fact, a former Army officer (“aggressive” is fine with me), and that I am, in fact, someone who is qualified to DIAGNOSE psychological conditions, thus my Masters Degree in Counseling. What is “delusional” about that? As a moderator, Silver-Streak can delete this entire thread at any time, which would be fine with me. While it still exists though, random person, what are your skills? I think the game is half done. If you want to collaborate, I could put us both in the credits as such. I’m sorry there is no money involved, at least at this time. Also, I make nice cut scenes, so I could probably help in that way with whatever game you are working on. I currently have all the tuts out again, and am making one last attempt at getting my enemy AI moving properly. This is the FB page for my game concept: Redirecting... My regular FB is william.carey.98.

Hey folks: While I appreciate members of the community coming out to try and assuage the concerns and/or agree with either side of the discourse, overall it’s distracting from the actual thread, and moderation related items for this have been brought out of the thread to avoid it becoming derailed.
If the concern is being called out for “passive aggressiveness” vs “aggressiveness”, that’s fine. Avoid the aggressiveness going forward and all concerns are addressed.

I do want to see MrWmJCarey to actually see succeed in solving their problem, and since there was already discussion around avoiding duplicate threads, I’d like to see the dev issue resolved in this one.

As far as the actual issue, you mentioned you had made some changes based off Gruk’s items above. If you get stuck after going through the example items again, post your current events for movement and we can take another look.