How do I spawn enemies

idk… So maybe i can delete the part where i delete the enemies in the section “Enemies” and add it in the part of the spawn you send’

Bro, do you know how to solve this problem?

I still can’t see a reset on your “whole code” screenshots :point_up:

But where I have to put it? The timer Is only in the last part of the code, where I do the spawn.
But there is a reset… on the bottom, in the last event

Ah, I thought you had removed it, because it’s not in the last screenshot.
Different people have recommended various ways to proceed, but you can’t mix and match. You need to pick a method and stick to it.

When you get stuck like that, open a new scene and focus on your current issue. Don’t care about the meteors, don’t care about screen edges, focus on your timer and enemies. Use some debug text object to check in real-time the value of timer, use keyboard/mouse actions to quickly delete enemies, and do some trial and error to find the source of your issue.

Start with two enemies, and when you get it working, add a third enemy, then a fourth one. And then, go back to your scene and fix it.

On a side note, avoid using the ‘OR’ condition. It does weird stuff, sometimes.

Ok thank you for the hints. I’m gonna try what you said. If doesn’t work another time I’ll write here.
I also have the stupidest question, but I’m new so… There’s a way to select more than one event? Because when I have to move them I do it singularly and sometimes is a mess…

Use the shift key for multiple selection.
Or you can right-click on the scene and Duplicate it (then delete what you don’t want to keep).

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