How do I/Why can't I create dialogue? [EDIT: SEEMS TO BE ANDROID ONLY]

Every tutorial I’ve found says that I should be seeing a brush (or a “create” button) here that I can click to start creating a dialogue tree.
Is there a way to enable this feature, or have I found a bug, or…?
[Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G
Android version 13
GDevelop Gold subscription, version 1.0.75]

Weird. What type and version are you using? Meaning App, app store, web.

I’m using the windows App version 5.3.180 ( click the home tab and the very bottom left [about Gdevelop]

This is the web version through Edge

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I’m on Android, GDev version 1.0.75 (updated on Wednesday).
I tried it online, and that worked. Unfortunately, I travel for a living and can’t depend on the online version because of varying signal strengths. :expressionless:

I’m not familiar with the android version. Hopefully, someone else here is.

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At least we figured out where the issue is. Thanks for your help. :+1:

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(Ignore this old answer): I’m pretty sure it is because Yarn is a desktop app?

Actually seems like it is supposed to open a web tab.
I think it is disabled on mobile app because I don’t think the website has mobile support, just like piskel is disabled on the mobile app for obvious reasons.

If you really want to edit with yarn you can then use the web version, it allows you to do it.

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What’s the obvious reason?

Piskel interface is not mobile-user friendly at all.

I haven’t had any issues… granted, I haven’t used it much, but it seems to work as expected on my tablet so far

I mean, its a tablet, the screen is big and it is commonly used specifially for art purposes. Piskel have a bad support (if any) to touchscreen controls, which you can test like this:

  1. Select the pen tool.
  2. Touch anywhere in the canvas (with a finger) and drag your finger around.

Result: You will notice everytime you click the canvas a light-blue color flashes, and, the entire website will be dragged around (if zoomed in), because it doesn’t recognize that you want to paint on the canvas.