How do you make a sprite affected by physics but not gravity

So, I am attempting to make a platformer, and I can make one where it is just a player on a platform. But, What I want is a player, a platform for it to be on, and a block that rests on the platform but can get pushed by the player. I tried applying physics to everything, but it just fell off the screen, as it was affected by gravity. What I ideally want is a stationary platform for the pushing block and the player, but the pushing block gets pushed by the player. Is there a way to do this? Also, kind-of back burner comment/problem here, but it seems like there is no “when clicked” event, which is a tiny bit frustrating. There is a “when not clicked” and then an “invert event” switch, but I tried this, and it didn’t seem like it had much of a different effect compared to when I just left the switch off. Help, please!

Try to set the ground as “static” (an option of the physics behavior) :wink: