How goes it?

I have come to you guys with a rejuvenated passion for game development and computer software in general. I took a couple of years off from the field. Instead, I focused on other passions, hobbies, excuses, etc. The end result was the same and I fell behind. That said, things are on the right path now. I am focused on C++, Java, and Python, having dabbled at length with all of those in the past. Stumbled upon GDevelop and I look forward to, (what I hope will be), a long relationship with it and its’ communities.

Any who, my name is ventian and I look forward to seeing you guys around.

Hi and welcome to the world of GDevelop! :smiley:

Welcome ventian! I hope GD fills your expectations :smiley:
Good language list by the way, I would suggest JavaScript, you know, because the web standards :wink:

Thanks Lizard. JS is definitely on my, “to learn”, list. Still limited in my daily exposure to programming, (40 hours a week at non tech job), thus the aforementioned languages being as limited as they are. Got to hurry up and get a job programming lol. Figured those three might get my foot in the door as quickly as possible.