How i can find 20 tester for play console?

Hello. I need 20 test users to publish my game to game console. Do we have a volunteer community that does this?

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This should be moved to Community.

Hey, I might join but is there something I need to do like play for more than a certain period of time or something?

From what I understand there must be at least 20 users.
and this application should remain on all phones for 14 days.
this is app download link.

thank you for suppport to me

Hi! I’d like to give it a go. But the link doesn’t seem to be working. Is it a game that requires a high end phone? I only have a cheap one.

link work on my browser. who know this settings…

You must add our Google Gmail addresses manually.
but I see a (Copy Link) button, idk, copy paste it here?

The link dosent work.

Its like you said… you have to put in the email adresses of the testers manually, then send them a link, then they have to register and only after all that nonsense can they download and count as a tester…

I went trough all this crap too, its such a stupid system, who ever came up with this crap should just be sacked…

If your a big company, no worries… if your an indie dev… well, sorry but we dont cater to your kind… enjoy hard mode.

The whole new play console is the most un-user friendly thing iv ever worked with… and that includes my very… VERY… old Spectrum… if you know what that is… your a fossil like me, welcome to the club.

At the very least, people should be able to opt in by clicking a link and adding their email on a form… not have 3 different steps for it…

argh… i hate google some times…

Unfortunately, we have to endure this torture.
Should we create a volunteer team in the forum?

No. It’s a very simple game. but the link doesn’t open for some reason