How much could I ask?

I am working on my first platform game try, and going for a slow pace educational game.

The idea is to show some historical spots from my home town. The character jumps and climbs to grab 8 pieces of an historic object, and then the game changes to a jigsaw game to put the object together. A little info about the object is revealed as you put it together.

After 4 platform levels and 4 jigsaws, a video showing the actual place is displayed.

The idea is to have at least 4 places (16 platform levels, 16 jigsaws and 4 videos) a tittle screen and options menu.

The point is, I have never though about how much I could ask for a game like this if I were to sell it? I am bad to think on money and prices, and I’ll appreciate any hint you could give me.

You can control de character with the arrow keys, space and A for keyboard (space to jump/grab pieces in the jigsaw, select a level in the map menu), (A key for rotating pieces in the jigsaw [when the dificult level is set to hard], and get/drop boxes [second historic place])

The game pad is supported, buttons 2 (Works like space) and 1 (Works like A) as well as touch controls for mobile devices.

Thinking, if I could sell it as a whole, for someone else to own it.

Sorry about the long post. I hope you can give me a hint.

Hi, I think the idea is interesting and you already have put a lot of effort in the game. Since you have asked, I will give my honest opinion.

Whilst I can appreciate what you did as a gamedev, I would say as the game looks and feels at the moment there is no money in that. I did not play all the levels but what you call slow pace is from a gaming perspective rather boring (for me, others may like that). The visuals look a bit old-fashioned and not very appealing.

It is also not clear why the dude has to collect the objects and what the appearance of the levels has to do with that. I guess a small story that tries to make sense of all that would be good for the player (and perhaps for you in designing the levels and locations).

In another thread it has been mentioned how many great games one can play these days with game passes and similar subscription models. Your game is competing with these and an indefinite amount of free games. That’s the issue for everyone who wants to make some money with their games. The question is whether your game has anything that other games cannot offer in a better way. And this is not referring to the idea but to the game mechanics and the visuals.

I hope my comment is not discouraging or very displeasing to you. It is just my opinion and other members of the forum might see it completely differently.

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Thank you very much for your opinion, and no, that does not take away the desire to do so; it just lets me see that I have to rethink the idea.

I need to improve the graphics as well, especially if my audience is young players.

Thank you very much once again.

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instead of asking for a price for the game, you can place advertisements (via AdMob or others). This way you entice players to play your game (it’s free) and get views for the public. If your game is successful, so many views, then you can earn something from the publics.

Thanks. It is a good suggestion, and a new knowledge to get since I haven’t tried AdMob.