How organize the project?

I have some doubts about how to organize them in the most optimal way.
My game is a platformer with a lot of stages, so I guess is best to make every world(ice world, desert world, etc) into a scene and make each stage of the same world into external layout right?
Menus do a make invisible layers out external layout?
about enemys, I intend to have a single enemy group for the deal and receive damage to the player, then a group for every enemy that shares the same ai, so for this, I need to make every enemy and ai group into a global object, but global objects/groups is not recommended? Gdevelop message makes a big deal about turning things global, so it’s resource-demanding to have so many global objects or in a global group even if the scene doesn’t use that much?

If all the objects were global, including HD backgrounds and all, it would be quite resource-demanding, and useless for resources used in a single scene. But for a few enemies reused in several scenes, it sounds fine. :slight_smile:
I agree the warning is scary :sweat_smile:
For menus, you can make separate scene (for level selection, for instance) and external layouts (for pause menu visible in all levels).

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Some of the answers I got here might help you too:


That relief, since I plan to use the scenes for different themes, most of the scenario will not be global, thanks for the replies that solve my worries.:sweat_smile: