How to add FPS or Frame Rate counter?

I have few small questions regarding FPS in Gdevelop, im asking here so I don’t need to make extra posts for this.

  1. Does 0 Max FPS equal to 60? if not then what
  2. Does Gdevelop support 120fps?
  3. If my monitor supports 60 will 0 max FPS set it to 60?
  1. No. 0 max means no maximum. If your PC (and display) supports 240hz/fps, it’ll hit 240fps.
  2. GDevelop doesn’t have any framerate limits. Just keep in mind that your events run every frame, so if you have some events that “add 1”, that occurs per frame, and will add more per second than if you were running at 60 fps.
  3. Yes. This is because Electron/Chromium by default force Vsync on. There isn’t an easy way to disable this (if at all), so the framerate will always be limited by your display. If your monitor is at 60hz, max will be 60fps (and if you drop frames, since vsync is on, it’ll drop to 30 fps). If your monitor is at 240hz, max will be 240fps (and if you drop frames, it’ll drop to 120fps, if under 120fps, it’ll drop to 60, etc)
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Here you can find out how to add a FPS Counter.

Or use the extension.

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Thanks, is there a way to change fps in game with Gdevelop event/ action system?

As far as I know, there is not.